GT GROUP is a Scandinavian holding company founded by Mr. Benedikt G. Gudmundsson (CEO and main owner) in the year 2005. However the group has base and history in business since 1969 when the oldest company Gudmundur Tyrfingsson LDT was founded by Mr. Gudmundur Tyrfingsson.

GT group emphasis is on two kinds of investments: Trading and tourism.

In China, GT Group throw its holding company Scandic International, in partnership with Mr. Ma Hui (Vice president of GT Group), Beijing Scandic United International Trading in Beijing and Scandic International Hong Kong.

From China the main focus has been in the vehicle like buses throw one of its company Yutong Eurobus. The special focus has been given to North Europe and to meet the highest standard in the world when it comes to safety and leading environmental standards. Yutong is the biggest bus and coach manufacture in the world with yearly capacity over 80.000.- units.

In tourism the main focus has been in Iceland in transportation and travel agency. With special interesting and focus to support Icelandic culture, GT group has support and start the Icelandic culture museum, Icelandic Wonders. GT Group and connected companies has spent totally over 1 m. Euros supporting this process and with early input that amount grows year by year.

With special interesting to the environment GT group companies has been leading in this field and in there activity with special focus on active environmental police and support for there employers in this matter.

With special focus on human result GT group aim is to start two new charitable founds in the year 2015.

Companies owned belong to GT group and its owners fully or jointly:

Scandic International
Beijing Scandic United International Trading
Scandic International Hong Kong
Yutong Eurobus
Guðmundur Tyrfingsson
Aurora Experience
Sterna Travel
Icelandic Wonders
Hraðfrystihús Stokkseyrar

Board members and key employers

Benedikt G. Guðmundsson
CEO, Board Member, Owner
Úlfur Björnsson
Chairman, Partner
Ma Hui Vice President
Kristján Björn Ómarsson
Board Member, Partner
Tyrfingur Guðmundsson
Berglind Guðmundsdóttir
Helena H. Guðmundsdóttir