Scandic International is as well focusing on new design and hold there own patent for speedboat and yachts among with other projects.

Guðmundur Tyrfingsson ehf
GT Bus is a bus company based in Iceland. It has been a pioneer in the travel business since its foundation in 1969.

Aurora Experience
Aurora Experience was established in 2003 by three ambitious Icelandic photographers- Arnold Björnsson, Jóhann Ísberg and Sigurður H. Stefnisson. In 1998, they came up with the idea of capturing the Northern Lights on film.

Icelandic Wonders – Souvenir Shops
The Icelandic Wonders Souvenir Shop is located in downtown Reykjavík. It offers a wide range of Icelandic handicraft products as well as the Aurora Borealis DVD. All products are also offered in the online shop.

Icelandic Wonders
Icelandic Wonders of Stokkseyri is an exhibition that introduces visitors to the mythical world of Icelandic elves, trolls and Northern Lights.

The Ghost Center
The Ghost Center in Stokkseyri is a highly entertaining exhibition that features all of Iceland’s most famous ghosts.

Yutong Eurobus
In 2006 GT Group arranged a business trip to China in order to find the best coach manufacturer in China. They visited the main coach manufacturer in China including Mercedes Bens, King Long and
more. When they met Yutong they were completely fascinated. They were sure that Yutong would be the most powerful coach builder in the world within a few years.Since then our team has visited Yutong a few times and is still positive about the fact that Yutong is the trademark we would like to work with. It is a great pleasure for us to announce that Youtong Eurobus has agreed on importing coaches from Yotong to Europe, and the first coaches will be delivered in 2009.
Sterna Travel
Founded in 2002, Sterna Travel is one of Iceland’s leading bus companies, offering day tours, activities and scheduled bus services to popular destinations around the country. With a varied and extensive fleet of buses, Sterna has become an important part of tourism services in Iceland.


Keflanding is a tour operator and travel agency that specialises in incoming tourism and is located only 5 minutes from Keflavik Airport. The company offers a wide range of high quality vacation packages and travel arrangements for small and big groups visiting Iceland.

We are only 5 mins from the airport!